Jessica Atlic McColgan ( Jessica Macc also known as JAM ) is an inspired young singer songwriter who in 2017 aged just 17 won the Croatian national television show "Stars", and subsequently signed a recording deal with Dallas records and Mars Music d.o.o.

 Press and Quote...

~ Tony Cetinski, Singer Songwriter - "You are perfection for the global market.'' 

~ Massimo, – Singer Songwriter – ‘’Jessica you are beyond words – a true musical magician.'' 

~ Mirela Priselac Remi, Singer Songwriter, ‘’ with your petite frame and huge stage presence I imagine you as a young Édith Piaf.'' 

~ Goran Lisica Fox, Owner of Dallas Records and Mars Music, ‘’Jessica is like a swiss army knife !!….whatever song you give her…she sings it her way in her style….simply amazing from one so young.''

~ Aleksandra Kovač Singer Songwriter and Judge X factor Adria - ‘’It was a pleasure to produce this young and talented girl who, although having only 17 years of age, has a strong character, attitude and sings like a pro.''


Early musical life...

From third grade school appearances at music festivals and charity concerts I found myself organising the school choir. During seventh grade and following many musical concerts I started writing my own songs, I am self-taught playing guitar and piano, singing is a pure joy and I started when I was 3 and never stopped. I am very fortunate and was told early in my life from a music teacher that I have perfect pitch. 

I would say my love of music comes from many sources  and music genres, I remember very well from an early age my father would play his musical preferences in the car on the school run... I was quickly introduced to Jazz, Blues, Heavy rock and Old school Classics...

Today I would say my musical preferences are more Pop Indie Rock and my influences are Ed Sheeran and any great vocalist singers... who sing with a message that sends you on a journey. 

I would describe my style of singing and playing as acoustic alternative indie... I love to have fun with the vocal tones and chords.

Career Highlights so far...

2017. Winning the Croatian Television Show ''Stars'' which is based on a mixture of ''The Voice and X factor'' and secured me a recording contract with one of the biggest Recording Labels in South East Europe. 

January 2018 1st release ''Missed opportunities'', May 2018 2nd release ''Its a good feeling'', June 2018 Youngest deputant at the Croatian CMC Television Music Festival, Vodice Croatia.

May 2019 Finished 1 year Studying at Music Production Academy Zagreb - Music Production Diploma

Sept 2019 - 4 Years In Dublin at Pulse College Windmill Lane Studios, BA ( Hons) Degree in Audio and Music Technology.

2020 - ad infinitum - Still Recording and Releasing my Music 

 I hope you enjoy walking this journey with me... stay tuned and please sign up to my mailing list and check out my video and other links...


Jessica Macc (J★M) xx    




~ Dalai Lama 'Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them''.

~ Dalai Lama 'Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them''.