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— Dalai Lama


Jessica Atlic McColgan ( Jessica Macc also known as JAM ) is an inspired young singer songwriter who in 2017 aged just 17 won the Croatian national television show "Stars", and subsequently signed a recording deal with Dallas records and Mars Music d.o.o.

Press and Quotes ..... 

~ Tony Cetinski, Singer Songwriter - "You are perfection for the global market.’’  

~ Massimo, – Singer Songwriter – ‘’Jessica you are beyond words – a true musical magician‘’.  

~ Mirela Priselac Remi, Singer Songwriter, ‘’ with your petite frame and huge stage presence I imagine you as a young Édith Piaf ‘’.  

~ Goran Lisica Fox, Owner of Dallas Records and Mars Music, ‘’Jessica is like a swiss army knife !!….whatever song you give her…she sings it her way in her style….simply amazing from one so young’’. 

~ Aleksandra Kovač Singer Songwriter and Judge X factor Adria - ‘’It was a pleasure to produce this young and talented girl who, although having only 17 years of age, has a strong character, attitude and sings like a pro’’. 


Early musical life....... 

I would say my love of music comes from many sources  and music genres, I remember very well from an early age my father would play his musical preferences in the car on the school run....I was quickly introduced to Jazz, Blues, Heavy rock and Old school classics.... 

Today I would say my musical preferences are more Pop Indy Rock and my influences are Ed Sheeran and any great vocalist singers.....who sing with a message that sends you on a journey.  

I would describe my style of singing and playing as acoustic alternative indie...I love to have fun with vocal tones and chords. 

Jessica Macc ( JAM) x 


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